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Every single one of our films starts with—and is guided by—the imagination of our students. Throughout the year, our drama teachers work with the class to develop these ideas into fully-fledged films. Our actors hone their acting skills, while our production team works to bring these visions to life.





Take a look behind the scenes, with our amazing students and our talented production team, to experience how we make our films. Each of our film shoots take place over the holidays, where our students learn, hands-on, how a professional film production works. 





Find out more about how our films are planned and put together by our students, giving them insights into the art and business of filmmaking. These are valuable lessons for all students, whether interested in pursuing a career in the industry or otherwise. 





After our shoot, all the footage goes to our post-production department where they will typically review over 25 hours of footage, and thousands of gigabytes of data. Each film goes through an exacting process: anything from six to ten or more revisions are gone through in the edit, to achieve the final cut.





Once the final cut has been approved, each film is then sound-mixed, colour-graded, titled and mastered. We then show extracts from all the films in a premiere, inviting our families and friends to see our work on the big screen. Students and their families can download high definition copies of their own film. 






We believe that the journey of making drama and film, from conception to completion, is the most important part of what we do. It’s about team creativity, working together to explore who we are what life means to us.  We don’t test, we don’t grade and we don’t audition. We simply love making drama, and making films. 

We hope that joy of working together, creatively, comes across in this small selection of behind-the-scenes videos. And we hope to see you soon! 





“There is no greater thing for a young person's development than a safe and inclusive space where they can learn, be inspired and get creative. ACT2CAM is one of those places and, most importantly, the young people who go there love it.”

Game of Thrones actor, Sam Coleman

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