Our Code of Conduct is based upon mutual respect and tolerance. ACT 2 CAM is about safely having fun, making friends and trying new and positive experiences. We insist that our code is followed at all times.

We will not tolerate anti–social behaviour, whenever and wherever it occurs. If parents or guardians have concerns, or are aware of a history of a child being unable to comply with points raised within our Code, then we should be contacted immediately. We will carefully consider matters and advise on whether we feel ACT 2 CAM is an appropriate choice, with particular reference to such considerations as access, successful participation, and health and safety.

We reserve the right to exclude any child if their behaviour is incompatible with the general enjoyment and well-being of others. We fully support the National Anti–Bullying Campaign and will not tolerate bullying of any kind in our Company. We reserve the right to decline to accept or cancel any membership, at any time, prior to or during the course if, in our reasonable opinion, the behaviour of that child is or may be disruptive, dangerous, or incompatible with the general enjoyment of other members.

Please discuss these important points with your child. Our Code of Conduct helps ensure that your child has a safe, happy and memorable experience with ACT 2 CAM. Behaviour deemed inappropriate includes, but is not limited to:

  • Threatening, offensive or insulting language or behaviour to other members 
  • Underage consumption of alcohol or smoking by under 18’s 
  • Suspected involvement with illegal drugs 
  • Fostering an inappropriate relationship with another member 
  • Theft, vandalism or illegal activities 
  • Bullying in any form 
  • Behaviour which persistently or adversely affects the enjoyment of another member 

We strive to ensure that ACT 2 CAM is a very special experience, a truly inclusive environment, where children of all ages and backgrounds have the opportunity to become part of a wider family and where trust is fostered and rewarded.

Health And Safety

ACT 2 CAM is committed to excellence in all our undertakings, including management of health and safety. As fully qualified and experienced teachers, we have appropriate teaching and safeguarding qualifications, enhanced DBS checks and full insurance to work with children.

In addition to statutory obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act, we acknowledge the special responsibilities we hold for the health and safety, well–being and welfare of the young people and others who participate in our activities.

Our general policy is to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of our staff and of our members and any other persons who may be affected by our undertaking.

We will comply, as a minimum, with the requirements of relevant Health and Safety legislation, approved codes of practice and, as appropriate, guidance published by the Health and Safety Executive and/or other recognised industry bodies.

We will seek to continually improve our health and safety performance in order to raise standards and reduce the potential for occupational injuries and/or cases of ill-health.

Our objective is to achieve a business culture with a "zero tolerance" to unnecessary health and safety hazards and risks and, thereby, reduce the incidence of accidents, incidents and/or cases of occupational ill-health.

Our commitment is to minimise unnecessary hazards and risks and ensure that health and safety actively contributes to the success of the business, and will be supported by ensuring the real engagement of our employees and, as necessary, others in delivering good health and safety.

Our staff and, as appropriate, others will be made aware of our Health and Safety Policy, our commitment to its effective implementation, and their responsibility to support the business in its deployment.

We will supply, on request:

  • Enhanced DBS documents 
  • Public liability insurance documents 
  • Teacher Qualification Documents 
  • Child Safeguarding Documents 
  • Risk Assessments 
  • Anti-Bullying Policy 

We believe that every child has an equal right to have a fantastic time with us and for that reason always keep a close eye on any teasing, bullying or other anti–social behaviour that may affect another member’s experience with us.

Fortunately these instances are rare. However, please do tell your children that if this does happen then they should quietly inform their Mentor or any other member of the Team immediately. If they tell you, during the course, of any experiences such as this, then please check whether we have been advised and if not, please tell us as soon as possible. We will take immediate steps to rectify the matter. We have firm rules in place and will act in regard to any child who is wilfully spoiling another Company member's enjoyment.

If problem behaviour is persistent or serious, we will contact the parent or guardian to decide on further action. We reserve the right to send any child home immediately at parent/guardians’ expense and to charge for any additional costs incurred. No refunds will be considered for any children sent home for behavioural reasons. Parents or guardians will be asked to pay for any damage deliberately caused to any ACT 2 CAM property or leased centres.


We pride ourselves on the easy going and fun atmosphere that prevails at all our courses. We therefore insist that the parent, guardian or other person acting "in loco parentis" fully advise us when booking of any illness, disability, social or behavioural problems that a youngster currently has or has recently experienced, which might affect the youngster or other guests during their rehearsals or shoot.

This advice must also be confirmed in writing at the earliest opportunity. We will carefully consider matters and advise you whether we have the staff and facilities to provide an appropriate experience in these circumstances, with particular reference to such considerations as access, successful participation and health and safety.

We always reserve the right to exclude any person after course commencement if his/her behaviour is incompatible with the general enjoyment and well-being of others. In these circumstances, collection would be entirely the responsibility and at the expense of the person acting "in loco parentis," to whom any costs for damage and other expenses incurred would also be charged.

Last reviewed: January 2021
Next review: January 2022