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Term begins: Saturday 9th September, 5-6pm
Location: Queen Elizabeth College, Vane Terrace, Darlington, DL3 7AU
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Acting Teacher: Rachel Stockdale
Filmaker: Chas Stoddard
Shoot dates: Friday 13th & Saturday 14th April, 2018
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Term begins: Wednesday 6th September, 7-8pm
Location: Vane Tempest Hall, Maynard's Row, Durham DH1 1QF
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Acting Teacher: Francessca O'Callaghan
Filmmaker: Alastair Cummings
Shoot dates: Tuesday 3rd & Wednesday 4th April, 2018
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Term begins: Thursday 7th September, 5-6pm
Location: Langdon Community Centre, 1 Langdon Square, Coulby Newham, Middlesbrough, TS8 0TF
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Acting Teacher: Helen Speed
Filmmaker: Chas Stoddard
Shoot dates: Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th April, 2018
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Term begins: Monday 4th September, 6-7pm
Location: Trinity Centre High Street, Gosforth, NE3 4AG 
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Acting Teacher: Corinne Kilvington
Filmmaker: Roger Armstrong
Shoot dates: Thursday 5th and Friday 6th April, 2018
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North Shields

Term begins: Tuesday 5th September
Location: Linskill Centre, Linskill Terrace, North Shields, NE30 2AY 
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Tuesday 5-6pm: Ages 5-8
Acting Teacher: Francessca O’Callaghan, 
Filmmaker: Lauren Hatchard
Shoot dates: Thursday 5th & Friday 6th April, 2018

Tuesday 6-7pm: Ages 9-12
Acting Teacher: Francessca O’Callaghan, Jenny Mortimer
Filmmakers: Lauren Hatchard, Alastair Cummings
Shoot dates: Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th April, 2018

Thursday 6-7pm: Ages 9-12
Acting Teacher: Rachel Stockdale
Filmmaker: Lauren Hatchard
Shoot dates: Monday 9th & Tuesday 10th April, 2018

Thursday 7-8pm: Ages 13-17 
Acting Teacher: Francessca O’Callaghan, 
Filmmaker: Roger Armstrong
Shoot dates: Wednesday 11th & Thursday 12th April, 2018

Saturday 10-11am: Ages 8-12
Acting Teacher: Steve Woods, 
Filmmaker: Cal Fraser
Shoot dates: Monday 9th & Tuesday 10th April 2018

Saturday 11am-12pm: Ages 13-17
Acting Teacher: Steve Woods, 
Filmmaker: Jamie Joe Thompson
Shoot dates: Wednesday 11th & Thursday 12th April, 2018
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Term begins: Tuesday 5th September, 6-7pm
Location: Sunderland College,Durham Rd, Sunderland SR3 4AH 
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Acting Teacher: Susie Flintham
Filmmaker: Jamie Joe Thompson
Shoot dates: Friday 13th Saturday 14th April, 2018
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Our acting classes are dedicated to exploring ideas through drama, and turning them into amazing films. Young people learn how to build a character, how to improvise in role, how to create stories and how to create exciting drama. You can find out more about our key acting and filmmaking concepts in our Jobs Glossary.

The first drama session is free. There is no obligation to join. However, if your child enjoys the acting classes and would like to continue, we will ask you to set up a standing order of £36 per month (including VAT). This fee pays for 1 hour acting lesson per week, during school term time and two days on our Easter shoot.

The resulting film is then shown at a leading regional cinema later in July, before being professionally published and released on DVD or BluRay. Some of our films go on to be entered into film festivals. 

Each actor has the opportunity to take a speaking role in a film, shooting on location with our professional film crew, using broadcast quality equipment.


Our team work very hard to make professional quality films, and give young people real industry experience. We also want to make the experience as accessible as possible to young people from all backgrounds. This is why we our acting classes are also a registered childminding service. 

Because we are an Ofsted-registered company, you could get up to 70% off the course price if you are eligible for child tax credit. 

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As a registered childcare provider, we also accept childcare vouchers!